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University of Coimbra leads project funded by the European Commission with 9.5 million euros to fight obesity and promote health throughout life

Study finds that coffee consumption is associated with less severity of non-alcoholic fatty liver disease in people with type 2 diabetes

Study coordinated by the University of Coimbra suggests a paradigm shift in the treatment of infection by the bacterium Staphylococcus aureus

Platform developed at the University of Coimbra makes it possible to predict the effect of the combination of drugs to treat cancer

Scientists from the University of Coimbra develop and test new nanoparticle for gene therapy in the brain

Study by the Universities of Coimbra and Porto confirms the effectiveness of an antioxidant to prevent non-alcoholic fatty liver

UC project wins more than 400 thousand euros to promote entrepreneurship in biotechnology in the Central Region

CNC-UC team investigates new therapeutic targets for obesity from the microbiota

Scientists from the University of Coimbra discover cognitive changes caused by a genetic variant linked to intellectual disability

Discovery of the University of Coimbra enables important progress in the diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis

University of Coimbra scientists’ study tick-borne bacteria

University of Coimbra wins 1.2 million euros to study autism

Study Published in Science Unveils Critical Mechanism for Brain Development

University of Coimbra study reveals how Parkinson's disease can originate in the intestine

Study reveals that a drug used in the treatment of epilepsy may be a promising therapy for Machado-Joseph's Disease

University of Coimbra team wins nearly half a million euros to study the effects of chronic stress on the brain

Poor nutrition during pregnancy can enhance the development of heart disease in children

Scientists discover a new mechanism responsible for the spread of infection by the Salmonella bacterium

CNC wants to put University of Coimbra in the first league of universities

CNC-UC promotes NAFLD awareness

European Consortium develops innovative test to predict the COVID-19 impact in the heart

“A Saúde no Saber” promotes scientific literacy in Portugal

Scientists found that receptor involved in regulating appetite also controls memory

€25.5 milion to ADART project

CNC tests 2,000 drugs against the new coronavirus

Nanoparticle to fight cancer developed at UC gets designation of Orphan drugs

Team from CNC studies disruptions in biological clocks caused by sleep apnea


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