Health in Knowledge


Project Summary

Health in Knowledge is a national project that aims to effectively contribute to the development of a scientific culture in Portugal, by creating a health literacy campaign. This project wants to promote public discussion of health-related topics, engaging society in the development of Science Shops – meeting when CNC researchers and citizens discuss and share knowledge and experiences, and in the co-creation of science communication materials. We will discuss topics such as Sleep, Cancer, Menopause, Fertility and Pregnancy, Immunity, Neuropsychiatric Diseases, Neurodegenerative Diseases, Neuronal Development, Rare Diseases, Microbiology and Infectious Diseases, Nutrition and Metabolic Diseases and Biotechnology and Advanced Therapies. This project is funded by Ciência Viva in the scope of Comunicar Saúde contest 2019.

Main Goals

This project aims to promote health literacy in Portugal through:

Getting society in contact with research carried out in health-related fields
Creating health literacy helps society to take advantage of the benefits of Science, allowing more conscious and informed decisions. Getting CNC researchers closer to social stakeholders such as politics, patients, formal and informal care givers and students, allow us to directly answer questions raised by the society. 

Production of science communication materials
The creation of science communication materials will be made involving different social stakeholders and through several formats and media.

Different contents were produced:

- Radio spots, which make up the series "A Saúde no Saber: desvendar ciência em menos de 3 minutos", broadcast by Rádio Universidade de Coimbra (RUC);

- Animations that make up the series "A Saúde no Saber: um mito animado";

- Interviews that make up the Podcast "A Saúde no Saber: o podcast";

- Illustrated chronicles, published in Público and compiled in the book "A Saúde no Saber".

External Team

Nuno Coelho, CEIS20 & DEI

Carolina Simões, DEI 

Marta Costa, UC 


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