Project Summary

PAS GRAS (DOI: 10.3030/101080329) is a Horizon Europe Research and Innovation Action (RIA) that aims to clarify the role of lifestyle, mental health, family, socioeconomic factors and the environment in the development of obesity, and their interaction with the genetic and metabolic characteristics of each individual. Based on an integrated analysis of multiple parameters, PAS GRAS will develop a personalized and robust assessment of the increased risk of obesity and associated complications, such as cardiovascular problems. PAS GRAS will target children (3-9 years old), adolescents (10-18 years old), young adults (19-25 years old), and their families, who are overweight or obese. Additionally, the project will study cellular and molecular mechanisms underlying the protective effect of Mediterranean diet components and physical activity, as well as, create an international campaign aimed at increasing health literacy and raising awareness in society about the risks of obesity.


Work packages and their leaders

WP1 - Management, Ethics & Training (leader: UC)

WP2 - Risk stratification for obesity and its complications using markers of socioeconomy, lifestyle, brain function, and energy metabolism (leader: UU)

WP3 - Identification of mechanisms to target obesity, from nutraceutical to pharmaceutical interventions (leader: NENCKI)

WP4 - Co-production of creative and interactive tools and interventions connecting health literacy–diet–physical activity across life course (leader: UC)

WP5 - Personalized, risk-adapted interventions: diet, physical activity and pharmacology (leader: UNIBA)

WP6 - Communication, Dissemination, Impact and Exploitation (leader: UC)


PAS GRAS in the new

May/June 2023 - PAS GRAS approval announced at institutional (UC), regional (as beiras) and national (TSF) level

June 2023 - PAS GRAS kick-off meeting (UC and CNC-UC)

June 2023 - Interview to Philipp Scherer, EAB, by the magazine Visão (more info)

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External Team

Ana Teixeira, UC
André Costa, UC
Aristide Rodrigues, UC
Catarina Parente, UC
Célia Cabral, UC
Cristina Padez, UC
Daniela Rodrigues, UC
Daniela Silva, UC
Diana Sousa, UC
Flávio Reis, UC
Helena Nogueira, UC
Luís Rama, UC
Miguel Castelo-Branco, UC
Nuno Lourenço, UC
Paula Santana, UC
Pedro Ferreira, UC
Ricardo Almendra, UC

André Lázaro, CHUC
Artur Paiva, CHUC
Cátia Barra, CHUC
Helena Rodrigues, CHUC
João Picoto, CHUC
Lelita Santos, CHUC
Maria do Carmo Carvalho, CHUC
Nanci Baptista, CHUC
Nuno Madeira, CHUC
Paula Laranjeira, CHUC
Rafaela Trincão, CHUC

Francisco Pereira, IPC, UC
João Lima, IPC
Margarida Liz, IPC
Maria Helena Loureiro, IPC






Project Details

Project Code

Grant Agreement ID: 101080329



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