MITOBESI - From obesity to adiposopathy: the role of mitochondria


Project Summary

Observational, prospective study of pregnant women in the Serviços de Obstetrícia A e B of CHUC, with collection of anthropometric data, diet inquiries and lymphocyte and cord blood analysis. It is expected to identify genetic, epigenetics and biochemical biomarkers related to adiposopathy. It will also be tested the possible association between hereditary inheritance, epigenetic regulation and obesity, contributing to understand how the mother, as transmissor of mitochondria to offspring, determines their future risk of obesity.

Main Goals

Study inheritance of obesity from mother to offspring, identifying new genetic, epigenetic and biochemical data and biomarkers in mother and children, with focus on the role of mitochondria

External Team

José Bernardes

Raquel Oliveira

Bernardo Canhão

Daniela Melo

Sofia Brazão

Simone Subtil

João Gomes

Jorge Mendes

Rafaela Trincão

Project Details

Project Code


End Date


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