DYNAMIC BRAIN FUNCTION: Towards the Understanding and Treatment of Brain Disorders


Project Summary

DYNABrain aims to develop, extend and fully unlock the research potential of the Center for Neuroscience andCell Biology (CNC), through the implementation of a new interdisciplinary research line in the field of Systems Neuroscience. It will capitalize on CNC’s installed capacity and research excellence in cellular and molecular Neuroscience and Brain Diseases, and establish an ERA Chair in Systems Neuroscience to incorporate the systems-level of understanding brain function and pathology in CNC core research activity. DYNABrain will recruit a research team in Systems Neuroscience headed by an outstanding scientist in the field to transversally impact on CNC core research activities and synergise its complementary research areas. More about the project on the website: https://dynabrain.cnc.uc.pt.

Main Goals

DYNABrain main goals are to recruit a research team in Systems Neuroscience headed by an expert who will hold the "ERA Chair"; to restructure the research organization and management of the Neuroscience-driven research lines/groups; to implement an in-house advanced training programme in Neuroscience; to widen CNC’s participation in international/inter-sectoral collaborative RD&I projects and networks; and to position CNC as a key player within the overall Smart Specialization Strategy (RIS3) Framework.

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