Elsa S Henriques

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Science & Technology Manager


I graduated in Chemistry – Scientific branch, major in Theoretical and Computational Chemistry, my Master’s and PhD degrees being in the sub-area of Structural Computational Biology, followed by 10 years of academic, professional experience as a dry lab postdoctoral researcher. I worked in interdisciplinary environments, collaborating with scientists from various nationalities and fields of expertise (biotechnology, virology, crystallography, condensed matter physics, computer science) and studying a wide variety of biological/ biochemical systems – from MRI contrast agents to digestive and blood coagulation proteases, from antibody-antigen interactions to structural and host-mimetic viral proteins. My research experience abroad includes a secondment at the Laboratoire de Chimie Theorique - University of Nancy already during my PhD, a first postdoctoral appointment carried out both in Portugal and in Brazil (at the Instituto de Química - UFRJ in Rio de Janeiro), and a two-year postdoctoral position at FIAS - Goethe University in Frankfurt, Germany. I joined CNC-UC in 2008 under FCT initiative CIENCIA 2007/8. In 2013 I became a full-time project manager and embraced a career in Science & Technology Management. As such, I implemented the Research Funding & Project Management Office at CNC-UC, which I now coordinate. My present research management duties include prioritising projects within the institution, fundraising, proofreading individual project applications and writing institutional ones. I also provide inputs for strategic institutional planning, assess core competencies and respond to specific requests for information about funding programs, projects, facilities or capabilities, informing researchers and institutional governing bodies. I possess an insightful knowledge of the major R&I funding instruments and associated policies (national and international), notably the EU funding programmes, including the Regional Development & Cohesion funds. In sum, I work towards enhancing the impact of the research endeavours undertaken under CNC aegis.


IIIUC - Institute of Interdisciplinary Research (@CNC-UC|CIBB)

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