Health Literacy and Implementation on Science (March 20 and March 27, 2023)

Organized by

Center for Neurosciences and Cell Biology

Date & Time

20/03/2023 - 21/03/2023





Deadline : 13/03/2023



The main aim of this course is to learn about health  literacy and implementation science in the community.  Objectives and significance: Taking care of our health  should be part of our daily life. How many of us think  about this every day? Health literacy is the capacity or  level of knowledge that a person or individuals have,  to understand, read, process, and obtain the health  information they need to make correct/appropriate  decisions daily to prevent disease. Health literacy affects everyone in big ways, it affects wellbeing,  equality among people and of course our health. The  lack of health literacy across the globe in today’s  modern and digital world is frightening. Look around  you. Come, and learn with us.


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