6th Retreat N&D CiBB

Date & Time

June 21, 09:00-18:00h


Cineteatro Municipal Messias, Mealhada




On behalf of the organizing committee, we are excited to announce the 6th Retreat in the area of ​​Neuroscience and Disease of the CiBB (Innovation Center for Biomedicine and Biotechnology). 

This meeting will take place on June 21st, 2024, at Cineteatro Municipal Messias, Mealhada, from 9am to 23pm. 

Registration for participation in this retreat is open until May 27th, 2024. Participation in the retreat is free but registration is mandatory and fundamental for the organization's logistics. Please register here.

The annual retreat initiative is very important activity for the Neuroscience and Disease community in CiBB to get together, foster scientific discussion and promote collaborations. We are looking forward to meet you all there.

The Organizing Commitee (Claudia Cavadas, Cristina Márquez, Luís Ribeiro and Paulo Santos) and the Support Commitee (Ana Rita Alvaro, Bárbara Santos, Beatriz Ribeiro, Daniela Costa, Diana Silva, Elza Ribeiro Rocha, Flavia Ricciardi, Jeannette Schmidt, Joan Esteve, Marisa Ferreira-Marques, Natalia Madeira, Nuno Apostolo, Raquel Duarte, Rita Félix, Tiffany Pinho).

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